Livestock Operations

Whiskey Creek Feedlot

Whiskey Creek’s main feedlot covers more than 100 acres of land in Woodbury County, Iowa. Here we raise thousands of head of cattle for eventual sale to the local division of national beef packer. As a family farm, we work to do our best for our animals – in feeding, care and handling – to help them stay healthy and make consistent weight gains. We use proven feedlot methods, tried and tested systems – and then work together to excel in our business niche.

In addition to raising beef cattle, Whiskey Creek also serves as a contract ranch for a neighboring dairy farm. In this relationship, we are responsible for feeding, watering and housing the dairy’s heifers until they’re old enough to move home to the dairy.

Quality animal care

Whiskey Creek herdsmen and cowboys are specially trained in all aspects of cattle feeding, care and handling. Our head herdsman, who has a degree in animal science, oversees all of our daily hand-to-hand contact with the cattle. We also have a consulting veterinarian who makes monthly visits, and our entire facility is enclosed and secured for the protection of the herd.

Vertical integration

As a vertically integrated business, nearly all of the products and services our cattle need to thrive are provided by Whiskey Creek’s people and products. Our cattle are:

  • Nourished by the corn products grown on Whiskey Creek’s farms, which in turn are fertilized by manure generated by our herd.
  • Fed by a specialized team of ranch hands.
  • Herded and cared for by a team trained to interact with cattle in a way that ensures both animal comfort and human safety.
  • Delivered to the customer in Whiskey Creek trucks.

If we produce more corn than our cattle can consume, we sell it to a co-op elevator or to one of the regional ethanol plants with whom we have partnerships.

Sound business model

Our major meat packing customer is located less than 10 miles away from the Whiskey Creek feedlot. This close proximity has multiple benefits. Not only does it minimize fuel costs and emissions, but it saves wear and tear on our trucks. It also minimizes fatigue for the animals, contributing to the quality of the end product.

Whiskey Creek’s close customer relationship is typical of how we like to do business. We provide high- quality products with reliable service, develop strong business relationships with customers and vendors, and commit to those partnerships for the long term.