Our History

The story of Whiskey Creek Inc. began in Sweden in 1883, with the birth of Oscar Peterson, great-grandfather of company president Brian Peterson.

At age 19, Oscar immigrated to America, landing in New York and working for a time on the railroad. Eventually he stopped off in Sioux City, where he began working for a local farmer. He and his wife Marie settled in the area and later purchased a farm down the road from his former employer in Lawton.

Oscar and Marie had four sons, three of whom became farmers. These included Bernice, who bought a neighboring farm in 1941 and set up his own dairy and cattle operation with his wife, Leta, a native of Independence, Kansas.

One of their sons, John, graduated from Iowa State University in 1965 and started farming with his father. He and his wife, Karen, had seven children, including Brian, who now owns Whiskey Creek Inc. While the scope of the business has expanded under Brian’s leadership, the family still farms some of the same land as their ancestors before them.

Today, John and Karen remain involved in the business. Their son Daniel serves as Whiskey Creek’s chief financial officer. In 2012 a member of the fifth generation joined the family business, as Aaron Peterson came on board as an agronomist.

In 2016 Kala Peterson, sister of Brian and Daniel, joined the operation as an administrative assistant.

As the business grows, the family remains rooted in, and committed to, the surrounding community.