Livestock Operations

Whiskey Creek Feedlot

Whiskey Creek’s main feedlot covers more than 90 acres of land in Woodbury County, Iowa. Here we raise our own cattle as well as custom feed cattle. As a family farm, we work to do our best for our animals – in feeding, healthcare, and handling – to help them stay healthy and make consistent gains.

In addition to raising beef cattle, Whiskey Creek also serves as a contract yard for a neighboring dairy farm. In this relationship, we are responsible for feeding and housing the dairy’s heifers until they’re old enough to move home to the dairy.

Dedicated to Quality Animal Care

Whiskey Creek herdsmen and cowboys are specially trained in all aspects of cattle feeding, care and handling. We continually strive to maintain the best pen conditions possible. We also have a consulting veterinarian who makes monthly visits, and our entire facility has perimeter gates and is secured for the protection of the herd.

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